Junior League of Montgomery awards thousands to local agencies

The Junior League of Montgomery awarded thousands of dollars to local agencies Tuesday night.  Over $93,000 was awarded to eleven groups.  The donations range from $4,500 to $25,000.

  • $25,00 to the Family Justice Center to fund a playroom/waiting room as well as an exam room for the children.
  • $9,650 to the Girl Scouts of Central Alabama to fund a girl's resource room.
  • $9,650 to Lee High School Library to help fund books for the library as well as in incentives program.
  • $5,400 to Resurrection Catholic to help fund coats for the children
  • $4,600 to Say No to help fund a book club for 24 girls.
  • $5,000 to Impact Alabama to help with marketing materials to reach out to low income families.
  • $10,000 to Montgomery County Water Festival to fund the free environmental educational field trip for 3,000 fourth graders from all public and private schools.
  • $4,500 to the Family Sunshine Center to fund container gardening for the children of the Exodus Community.
  • $8,000 to the Cancer Wellness Center to fund medicines and other necessities of the patients.
  • $6,000 to Brantwood Children's Home to fund clothing, shoes and coats for the children.
  • $4,500  to the Boys and Girls Club to purchase reading materials for the children.

"The money of course will go a long way to buy equipment and medical equipment and things for the kids to play with when they're in our center.  But, as important if not more so are the volunteers the league will provide us because we can only pay one person to work there.  These individuals will be working with our kids that come to visit and the adults that are there," says Montgomery County District Attorney Ellen Brooks.  Brooks works with the Family Justice Center.

The Junior League has given over a million dollars over the last decade in support of local agencies.