Dauphin Island officials urge tourists to return to "paradise"

Posted by Tom Ensey -  email

Town officials at Dauphin Island have issued a news release stressing that the beaches and other attractions remain unaffected by the Gulf oil spill caused when a BP oil platform exploded. Gov. Bob Riley earlier has said Alabama's beaches are fine and a series of commercials paid for by money from BP have aired in various markets trying to attract tourists back to the area, which has seen a decline in visitors during an ordinarily busy season because of concern about the spill.

The release said that Island officials are monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety of residents and guests should the oil take a turn for Alabama.  Updated information about the spill and other news is available at the town's website, www.townofdauphinisland.org.

The town's Chamber of Commerce is also involved in the effort to reduce concern about the 5 million gallons of crude oil that has spewed into the Gulf of Mexico for weeks. The spill currently appears to have affected areas west and south of the state's beaches, according to Associated Press reports.

The only part of the island that is not available to visitors is the west end beach, where access is limited to property owners and guests to keep too many people from driving out there to look at the sand barriers built by the National Guard and cause traffic jams.

Thousands have volunteered to help out should the need arise, and though businesses, residents and town officials are grateful, there's not much for them to do right now except enjoy what the release called "a little piece of paradise."

For more information visit www.dauphinislandcoc.com or call 251-861-5524

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