Candidate profile: Giles Perkins for attorney general

Giles Perkins
Giles Perkins

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Giles Perkins says he knows what it means to be the state's attorney general.

"It is being the people's lawyer," the Birmingham attorney said.

The former executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party has 28 years of legal experience. And he says cleaning up government would be his first priority.

"I believe we should demand that our elected officials not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those that do," He said. "I have put forward a plan to make that the rule in Montgomery.

Perkins' 4-part ethics plan includes doing away with PAC to PAC transfers, which make it difficult to track the source of political contributions. He says he would also require that politicians post their contributions on the Internet.

The third and fourth tenets of his plan include banning gifts to elected officials and limiting entertainment provided to public officials by special interest groups.

WSFA 12 News also asked Giles about the controversy surrounding electronic gambling in Alabama. He told us the current attorney general should be doing more.

"I understand the governor's frustration," he said. "We have an attorney general that has conflicted himself out of his duty."

And Giles says something else is missing from the attorney general's office.

"If elected, I will start a civil rights division," he explained. "Alabama of all places should have a person you can call or a person you can go see if you feel like your rights have been abused."

Perkins is running against Mobile U-S Attorney Michel Nicrosi and Montgomery lawyer James Anderson in the June first democratic primary.

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