Parker's Appeal leads to all justices stepping aside

Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker takes his argument to the State's highest court.  You may recall a Montgomery Judge rejected Parker's lawsuit to remove one of his opponents from the republican primary ballot.  Now, Parker has appealed to the State Supreme Court.

Parker is on the court that would hear his appeal, and because of that the remaining justices will step aside or recuse themselves.  It also means an entirely new, appointed court will hear the appeal.

Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb said it's extremely rare for the entire court to recuse itself from a case.  The last time this happened was when then Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the court.

Chief Justice Cobb adds the process is fairly simple.  They put the names of retired judges and justices into a box and pulled out about a dozen.  Then, they'll contact each of them until they have nine who agree to hear the case.

The Supreme Court has put this case on expedited schedule because it is an election issue.  But, since the judges have all stepped down from hearing the case, Chief Justice Cobb says it's now out of their hands.