Controversy surrounding new campaign ad

Candidates and political observers are intrigued over reports that a group called the New Sons of Liberty is about to spend a million dollars for advertising in the upcoming election.

Only a few have seen the ads and no one seems to know who they support or why.

The only information the group's website provides is it's name, the New Sons of Liberty. Other than that, it's hard to tell which politicians the group is either for or against.

The question now is what's coming next.  There are pictures of all the leading gubernatorial candidates except Roy Moore's.  "I could care less if this is a group that is supportive of Roy Moore or simply they forgot he was running. I could care less about any of that. I'm standing here because of what it represents. It represents everything that's wrong with Alabama politics." explains Artur Davis, democratic candidate for Governor.

Davis wants all the gubernatorial candidates to support changing the law to end mysterious donations especially million dollar ones during the last week of the campaigns.  "We have no limits on the kinds of groups such as the sons of liberty. No limits what so ever. On what they can give to influence an Alabama election. That ought to stop," says Davis.  Davis also wants a caps on campaign contributions.  "We have no limits for individuals. One person in this state could sit down tomorrow and write a million dollar check to a candidate if he chose to do so."  Davis also wants full disclosure of donors.

Even the Christian Coalition is suspicious of the ad.  The Coalition is asking all candidates to sign statements saying they had nothing to do with the ads. "I think the safest thing right now is to say that they're going to try to influence the election with the large ad buys. I think that's what we need to be cautions of. The source of these buys are out of state interests and that they're motives are not for the people of Alabama," Dr. Randy Brinson president of the Christian Coalition in Alabama.

Brinson also says he has found out that the New Sons of Liberty Group routed its money through Connecticut and that the group is a front for major corporations that are trying to influence the election.