Sons of Liberty pulls controversial advertisements

The ad featured all the major gubernatorial candidates except for Roy Moore, who said he has nothing to do with the spot.
The ad featured all the major gubernatorial candidates except for Roy Moore, who said he has nothing to do with the spot.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The so-called "mystery ads" set to run in the Alabama governor's race have been cancelled. The New Sons of Liberty group was set to spend a million dollars to launch an ad campaign a week before the election. But, the group never said who the commercials were for or against.

The New Sons of Liberty has this ad on its web site but now it won't be airing on stations throughout the state. It seems it all has to do with a production company or agency says WSFA General SAles Manager Collin Gaston. "There's an agency that worked on behalf of the Sons of Liberty. So, the Sons of Liberty gave them a million-two to spend and then their job was to create a commercial to run that million-two. They did not create a commercial, at least from the information that we've got, that the client liked. That the Sons of Liberty liked? That's right. So, the Sons of Liberty said - we're not going to run it."

Gubernatorial candidate Roy Moore was one of those who was concerned. "They got people talking." For weeks now there's been talk about the mysterious commercial. In it are pictures of all the leading gubernatorial candidates except Roy Moore's.  He says he knows nothing about the group. "Well, it kind of concerned me because I didn't know what that meant but I took it as a compliment because I'm the one that has done something on maybe they recognized that and left my picture off. I don't know."

Moore also says he is relieved the ads aren't running. "Even though the first ad actually said something good and portrayed me as someone who has stood against gambling which I have, I didn't know what the next one might be and who was behind it and what their agenda was."

Candidates Artur Davis and Ron Sparks also responded to the ad being pulled. Davis said it's a good thing, and the entire episode points out the need for meaningful campaign finance reform in Alabama. Ron Sparks says he believes Mississippi casino bosses want to impact the governor's race and they got cold feet.

Another fact about the Sons of Liberty, it is one of several groups pushing to see President Barack Obama's original birth certificate to determine his citizenship.

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