Popular class cut at Andalusia High

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ANDALUSIA, AL (WSFA) - It was standing room only in a small room at a local Andalusia bank as parents, teachers and concerned students compiled their questions for their school board.

Andalusia City School Superintendent Dr. Beverly McAnulty says shrinking funds forced the board to cut a math teacher, science teacher, and the choral director at the high school--all of them non-tenured.

"I think she was shocked. She wasn't expecting it. I don't think anyone was," says Callie Marie Crigger.

Her mother is the chorus teacher.

She says the news is a double whammy--her mom will be without a job and her favorite class won't be around next year.

"I've been singing since I could talk really...in church, at school, my whole life," she adds.

The loss of the choral class next year and fewer teachers has brought the community together.

"We're hoping that between the school board working together maybe with our city and concerned parents that maybe we can come up with other sources of funding to help put some of these programs back in place," says concerned parent, Teresa Ward.

Superintendent McAnulty says the school system will save $70,000 dollars with each teacher that's cut.

Up until now, they haven't been forced to cut anyone.  It's little consolation for Junior Anna Bay McCore.

She says cutting chorus isn't exactly music to the ears of college administrators.

"When I send my resume to college they're gonna say she's done something all through her 11th grade year, but why did she quit her senior year? Colleges won't know the situation.  They'll just know what they see on my resume."

The Superintendent says the decisions were not easy to make.

She says she understands where parents and students are coming from, but adds the chorus program had the fewest amount of students out of all the other electives.

There are roughly 70 students in the choral class this year.

Parents hope to have a meeting with the school board sometime next week.

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