High school seniors in trouble in Troy

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TROY, AL (WSFA) - Behind the Troy City School Board office parents like Sharon Young believe the punishment dished out against their children is too harsh.

"My son is very apologetic," said Young.

Greta Wilson.

"They're good kids. They made a bad mistake,"said Wilson.

A very big mistake. Wilson and Young do not dispute the facts. Their sons along with 13 seniors at Charles Henderson High School apparently went on the school campus late a night and did a number on the school.

"It ranges from toilet paper in trees to painting on some doors.. on hallway halls. We have some carpet damage," said school principal David Helms.

It was so damaging according to Helms that had school administrators not spent the wee hours cleaning up they would not have been able to have classes in one building.

The students allegedly involved will have to spend the next 5 days as seniors at the alternative school which is the remainder of the school year.

"Yes, they knew better," said Wilson.

The parents feel the school went too far, specifically banning their children to participate in graduation ceremonies. Even though each child had to pay $160.00 in restitution, it's the fact they won't be able to receive their diploma on stage in front of family and friends that really hurts.

"We paid that, and you're already in alternative school, so why can't they attend graduation?" said Wilson.

"These aren't David Helms' rules. It's our policies.  There are consequences for that and any time you get removed from school, that nullifies you from participating in school activities," said Helms.

It could have been much worse. For now the school has chosen not to press criminal mischief charges so long as the students serve out their school-ordered punishment.

"The consequences were fair," Wilson said.

"All we want is our kids to graduate," said Wilson.

A hard, hard lesson to learn so close to graduation day which is less than a week away.

Mr. Helms says the students will be able to pick up their diplomas at the school office.

Meantime, the parents also claim other students who were allegedly involved received lesser punishment. Helms declined to address that aspect of the story.

A little more than 130 seniors will graduate from Charles Henderson High School next Thursday on the campus of Troy University.

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