Huntsville man arrested for operating illegal gambling hall

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Huntsville man is facing several charges after drug agents say he was operating a gambling hall out of his home.

Investigators said this has been going on for six to eight months.

They also estimate that about $100,000 a month was being passed through the makeshift gambling hall.

The bust happened at 271 Old Gurley road in Huntsville at around 11:00 Thursday night.

Madison County and Madison City drug units have been working surveillance on this case for about a month.

"We received some information that Mr. O. C. Burruss Junior was operating a gambling facility, and electronic gambling devices," said Sgt. Mike Salomonsky, Madison County Sheriff's Department.

Burruss gave permission for agents to check the property, and that's when they found the machines in the garage and about seven people gambling.

"The garage this was being held in was very large, so they were able to have more machines," said Sgt. Salomonsky. "It was kind of a shock because you don't usually find this many machines in a residential building being operated."

Agents also said they found 18 gambling machines, $8,500 thousands in cash, and four firearms including two revolvers and a shotgun.

Burruss is being held at the Madison County Jail and is facing felony possession of a firearm, possession of a gambling device, possession of gambling records and promoting gambling.

Those found playing the games have not been charged.

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