Registration still open for Fishin’ Chix fishing tournament

MONTGOMERY, AL – Jubilee CityFest will host its newest event the Fishin' Chix freshwater fishing tournament on Saturday, May 29th.

Registration is still open for the first ladies Fishin' Chix freshwater fishing tournament. You can have a part in making history in Montgomery and becoming apart of the Pink Rubber Boot Sisterhood. Do you have a boat? Do you have experience? No boat? No experience? No Problem! This tournament is just for you.

Registration starts at $75 per angler per team with a boat. For those anglers without a boat, registration is $125 per angler per team. Two ladies per team and all the equipment is provided. Sponsorships are welcome. Participants will have the opportunity to win great prizes such as spa packages, girlfriend getaway trips, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, jewelry and much more. Registration information, schedule of events and a complete list of prizes can be found at

The Fishin' Chix was founded by Claudia Espenscheid a little over 3 years ago when several hurricanes hit the gulf coast. Claudia got away from the stress after the hurricanes by fishing from her pier. Her goal was to allow women the opportunity to learn and enjoy fishing. Today, the Fishin' Chix has more than 800 members that represent 14 states.

"Our events represent a sisterhood of women who want to get outside, enjoy nature while learning to fish and having a good time, said Claudia Espenscheid, CEO/President of Fishin' Chix. "To be able to kick off our fresh water tournaments in Montgomery as part of Jubilee CityFest is exhilarating."

Be sure to make your family plans to vacation in Montgomery during May 28th/29th for all of the Jubilee events. To get more information on various Jubilee CityFest events and to purchase Jubilee CityFest Passport Ticket, visit the newly designed website at