MPS approves job cuts

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Back after a 24 hour recess, the Montgomery County Board of Education battled the clock, trying to hammer out the future for hundreds of its employees.

On a unanimous vote, members approved the board's personnel report--a mix of some 222 names on the chopping block, according to the superintendent.

"It's a mixture of people that we're cutting," Barbara Thompson said.

The vote came not a minute too soon.  The school system immediately started printing the notifications, which have to be hand delivered to employees to be received by Friday.

"I'm still very concerned that we got this information so late that we had to rush through a decision that is very difficult and make an impact in a lot of people's lives," explained board member Charlotte Meadows.

While workers await the news, there is a silver lining.

Thompson says she discovered $1.9 million dollars in stimulus funds available for use, which board members say could save some jobs.

"That's a lot of jobs that we didn't have to cut, so I feel really good about that," Thompson said.

While the cuts appear imminent, leaders remain optimistic.

"We are hopeful that we can find some money some place else, and get some more people back in to the public school system," explained board president Beverly Ross.

The Montgomery County Education Association drafted a letter threatening to sue the board.  A representative says the system used non tenured employees to fill vacancies, and the group will protect its members rights.

Superintendent Thompson says the plans in the personnel report will go forward.

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