Car swipes crossing guard on Highway 14 in Wetumpka

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - A crossing guard is recovering after being hit by a passing car's side mirror.  It happened on Highway 14 in Wetumpka at the intersection of the Wetumpka Intermediate School.  While many say this accident calls for a light, the state says it isn't that easy.

"We had a driver just not paying enough attention to the crossing guard and tried to make a left turn onto Chapel Road and actually struck the crossing guard," explains Deputy Chief Anthony Crenshaw.  "It's a real hazardous situation to be in out there in the middle of the street," says Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis.

Despite the hazardous conditions, the crossing guard plays a key role in helping buses and traffic merge onto the busy intersection.  But, could the accident have been avoided by a red light?  Not according to the Alabama Department of Transportation.  "This location in particular does not meet the nationally used criteria for a traffic signal," says Tony Harris with the Alabama Department of Transportation.

ALDOT spokesman Tony Harris says a red light could actually cause more accidents despite the high volume of traffic and residential growth near the growth.  "It has center turn lanes, auxiliary turn lanes and acceleration turn lanes and handles the traffic quite well," says Harris.

Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis says if a red light is not an option, the city will spend the summer discussing new plans with the state.  Those could include better markings or a caution light.