King blasts Governor for endorsing opponent

The Attorney General race is heating up.  Now that the Governor has thrown his support behind candidate Luther Strange, Attorney General Troy King isn't taking it lying down.  King says he knows the reason why the Governor endorsed his opponent.

There hasn't been the warmest relationship between Attorney General Troy King and Governor Bob Riley, even though King denies it.  "When I told you that the Governor and I remain friends, we did remain friends.  That doesn't mean that there weren't problems," says King.

Problems like different opinion on electronic bingo and annual property reappraisals.  "After Governor Riley was criticized for his opinion to raise taxes on Alabama families by ordering annual property tax reappraisals, he pressured me to issue an opinion providing him with political cover for what he had done.  I refused to do so," says King.

That's why King believes the Governor has taken the unprecedented and unusual step to support King's opponent Luther Strange in a primary race.  "We must ask ourselves though, why have they endorsed him?  No doubt it's because for the last six years I have refused to be bought or bullied," says King.

Not only that, King says he questions the timing of complaints and investigations of him by the bar association, the Ethics Commission and the U.S. Attorneys Office.  "On every hand I have been cleared by the people who investigated it."  "I believe, well I don't know who signed the complaints.  I can only talk to you about the timing and I can tell you the same complaints have been filed repeatedly and there are reasons to think that yes that may be the case." says King.

The Governor's Office denies he or his staff had anything to do with any of the Troy King complaints or investigations.

In response to the other accusation, the Governor's Office says quote "Senator Shelby, Senator Shelby, Governor Riley and many others don't support Troy King because he won't enforce the law, period.  Plus, everybody knows if you want Troy King to issue a favorable opinion, you've got to throw a party for him.