Voters ready for primary elections

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As the hours count down, time is running out for voters to get to know the candidates.  Some will resort to last minute research to make up their minds.

"The commercials and whatnot haven't really helped me, so I'm going to go home and look on the computer and try to make some last minutes decisions," said Alfreda Matthews of Montgomery.

It's a bizarre push for candidates after a holiday weekend.   State leaders estimate 35% to 38% of Alabama's 2.8 million registered voters will head to the polls.

"I'm very interested in, as far as the [Board of] education goes.  I have children, so I'm very interested as far as who I'm going to vote for [Board of] education," said Tracey Whitlow of Montgomery.

Though the ballots are packed, some people just don't see the point.

"Every candidate is essentially the same.  All the campaign literature says the same thing, they're all conservative, have strong family values, so how can you pick?," asked Robb Farmer of Montgomery.

"On some of them, I may not vote at all.  Some of them, I'll vote for, and on others, I'll just leave [my ballot] blank," explained Tracy Wilson of Montgomery.

Voters also say they're fed up with negative advertising, something they feel has surged in the weeks leading up to the election.

"That's the main thing is everybody bringing up so much garbage on everybody else, so you don't know who to believe," Wilson said.

"[There's] a lot of mudslinging going on, not a lot of tell me exactly what you're going to do, but a lot of mudslinging," Whitlow explained.

Still, with the state's future hanging in the balance, residents are ready to make a choice.

"Alabama is not--I don't think--doing as bad as other states, but this is a very, very important election,"Matthews said.

Voters say they're ready to push past the primaries, but it's likely many of the larger races will still be contested in a runoff election, scheduled for July 13th.

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