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At the Family Support Center in downtown Prattville, it is another day, another day that moves Latasha Scott one step closer to getting her GED.

"I've been here going on 3 years and I'm trying to learn as much as I can," said Scott.

Scott says she dropped out high school in the 10th grade to help take care of her mom.

Today, 13 years later,  Latasha believes she is just 3 months away from earning her general education diploma.

"It's hard but I'm working on it," said Scott.

Hard but Scott says she has no regrets in hitting the books again to achieve something that would mean the world to her, a milestone so she can reach for greater heights.

"I want to go to college so I can own my daycare," said Scott.

"What we do is tremendous," according to Darrue Fank, who runs the Family Support Center.

"A lot of it is a normal high school setting is not for them. There are a lot of factors such as family issues," said Fank.

The adult education is just one of about a half dozen programs the center offers, a non-profit agency that gets most of its funding from the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education.

"Since last year we've had 443 students come through and out of that 121 got their GEDs,"said Fank.

It's that 'can-do' attitude Shalane Fike of Montgomery is applying so she, too, can move on.

"Either college or get a better-paying job," said Fike.

"It's better here because the teachers are one on one," said Scott.

Solving one problem at a time, punching through the challenges of earning their GED, Latasha Scott and Shalane Fike say there is no turning back, no giving up, thanks to a family of encouragers and believers.

The Family Support Center has been offering GED testing since 2005 and since then more than 700 people have earned their diploma.

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