Defeated Incumbent Reflects On Political Career

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From incumbent to lame duck, Representative Mac Gipson is pulling up the stakes on a 16-year legislative career.

"It was a difficult call to make but one I made," said Mr. Gipson.

A difficult call to make to winner Paul Beckman, a Montgomery attorney after it became clear Gipson would not be returning to the Alabama Statehouse next year.

Gipson spent the 'day after' pulling up his campaign signs and reflecting on 4 terms that started in 1994.

Gipson's proudest moment? Doing his part to develop east Prattville and west Millbrook.

"There's been a substantial change in how east Prattville looks today compared to 15 years ago. I played a small part in getting roads relocating," said Gipson.

Despite an anti-incumbent feeling in politics today, Mr. Gipson still felt like he had a good chance at re-election. He was wrong and is certain voting in favor of the legislative payraise 3 years ago did him in.

Still, you won't find Mac Gipson apologizing for that vote.

"I don' think it was a mistake. That was an increase in legislative expenses that go back into the district. I probably should have put out a letter explaining my position a little better," said Gipson.

As for the future Mac Gipson says he hasn't ruled out running again for public office.

"Never say never," said Gipson.

At 74 Mac Gipson says he still feels good. He often visits the tire store business he started 29 years ago now owned by his sons.

More than a decade in Alabama politics fell flat under the weight of change.

"They (voters) just felt like it was time for a change and wanted fresh blood," said  Gipson.

Since there is no Democratic challenger, Paul Beckman is in theory a shoo-in although someone could put in a write-in candidate on the November ballot.

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