Provisional ballots may determine GOP run-off participants

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Decision 2010 continues to develop more than 24 hours after the polls closed. The voting may be over but the competition for votes in the runoff election for the GOP governor's nomination certainly is not!

The latest numbers indicate that Bradley Bryne is in first place with 137 thousand votes.

Robert Bentley and Tim James are neck and neck with just 208 votes separating them. Now, Bentley is looking forward but James says he's not giving up.

"I think we touched people and I think that made a difference and we talked about real issues, we talked about putting people back to work, we talked about fighting the Federal Government's intrusion into our lives and we talked about cleaning up Montgomery," stated Robert Bentley.

A statement from Tim James says, "This race is not settled. Provisional ballots have not been counted. We're going to get up and carry on this race until every vote is counted."

The remaining ballots to be counted are provisional ballots. Provisional ballots are those from people who didn't bring I. D. or whose name wasn't on the list.

All 67 county sheriffs had to turn them over to each county's board of registrar's today.

The board will determine which ballots should be counted. They will  then inform the party and the county's probate judge.

As of now, the secretary of state is announcing the unofficial run-off plans.

"As of today, based on unofficial numbers...Bradley Bryne and Robert Bentley are in the Republican runoff...To be held on July 13th," said Secretary of State Beth Chapman.

The counties must inform Alabama Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard of their final numbers by June 9th.

The Republican Party must report the numbers to the state by June 11th. That's the earliest the secretary of state will certify the vote. No candidate can request a recount until that happens.

There is no automatic recount in a primary election and the candidate would have to pay the recount expenses.

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