Jubilee called a 'success' despite rain and cancellations

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There was nothing festive about the stormy weather that knocked down poles.. kept people away and sunk at least one major event.

"It wasn't what we wanted because of the weather," said Jubilee Board Chairman Ray White.

Yet White refuses to say this year's Jubilee was a complete washout.

"The invoices are still being calculated but we do know for sure we're in the black," said White.

In the black in terms of financial success. Part of that is due to the fact Jubilee took out a $50,000 weather insurance policy.

Also, splitting up the event over two weekends helped. 15,000 people showed up and White is convinced that number would have been much higher had it not rained the Friday and Saturday during the second weekend.

On that $50,000 weather insurance policy, Jubilee leaders tell WSFA 12 News they expect to receive the full amount.

While no one could have controlled the weather, some felt Jubilee could have done a better job of handling the fishing tournament cancellation.

"There was lightening.. made a lot of women sad but we had a party for them and gave away the prizes anyway," White said.

But no monetary refund. Participants like Cheryl English paid the $125.00 entry fee. English says boaters like her should be given a full refund.

"I would have understand if they had postponed or rescheduled the tournament but the fact it was canceled.. most definitely," said English.

Ray White disagrees saying most festivals across the country have a weather clause, simply meaning no refunds for something they can't control. White also stated Jubilee is still faced with expenses that must be paid.

There was also no money given back for those who had hoped to see the Sean Kingston concert. It's still not clear Kingston backed out.

'We believe we did the right thing by giving those folks free entry to Jubilee the next day," said White.

White says the Jubilee board is willing to 'listen' to boaters who feel as though a refund is justified but White added it would have to be a strong case.

Jubilee 2010 is now in the history books. Plans are underway for next year's Jubilee.. rain or shine.

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