Editorial: feedback

You offered much feedback on our "Voter Interest" editorial.

Terry Ingram emailed: "Like you, I am appalled that others do not exercise their right to vote, but surely we must explore other ways to have them cast those votes that recognize the times in which we live.  We have to make it easier for them to exercise that right consistently and with an understanding the difference it makes in our democratic process, even the process of registration.  We must begin to introduce new advances in technology and thinking.  Some examples would be online voting, advanced voting over a couple of weekends or a simplified process for absentee voting which I understand is available now, but is not considered a reasonable alternative by some because of the laborious and time consuming actions to acquire the necessary ballot."

Another viewer emailed: "Bad people are often elected when good people do not bother to vote."

Regarding our editorial on "Debt" a viewer emailed us: "Until the Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE bank, stops printing money out of thin air – this will continue."

We encourage and appreciate all of your feedback.