Prattville mayor talks about texting and driving enforcement

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PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - If you're expecting police stake outs at every corner, you probably won't find them.

"Not a kind of a cuff 'em and stuff em like we're going to sit somewhere and watch and cuff 'em and stuff people," says Prattville Mayor Jim Byard.

Byard says the new texting and driving ordinance wasn't passed just for cops to catch you in the act.  It's meant to do more than that.

"Our main goal is awareness, education and to provide a little bit safer zones on our city streets."

Byard says police will patrol like normal, looking out for impaired drivers.

If they happen to be texting they could get a ticket.

Teenagers like Taylor Pouncey know her age group is a prime target for the ordinance.

She's seen what texting and driving can do.

"We've watched videos on it and just showing the people being pulled out on the stretchers and what it looks like and how many cars can be involved when somebody's texting and driving. It's horrible."

She wants her friends to understand, too.

"When I see them doing it, like if I'm in the car with them, I'll ask them, 'you gotta put that down.'"

Prattville city council members voted to enact the law in July--giving them time to make signs similar to those Montgomery created for its Clean City Commission.

"I think you'll see that similar type signage. Not a standard regulatory sign but some type of attention type sign that says texting ban in effect."

Pouncey's just praying the efforts work.

"I hope it completely wipes it out."

Prattville city council members took out the possible jail time for the first texting and driving offense when they passed the ordinance.

The City of Montgomery is weighing their options when it comes to a similar ordinance.

But they don't think a driving and texting law is enforceable.  The city's researching a possible distracted driving ordinance instead.

Prattville's law goes into effect July 5th.

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