Prostitute in Minneapolis extortion case arrested in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A prostitute believed to be involved in a Minneapolis extortion scheme was arrested in Huntsville.

Wednesday Shannon Blair Spears Gura was extradited to Minneapolis after Huntsville police arrested her on fugitive of justice charges.

Investigators say she was part of a plan to extort more than half a million dollars from Daniel Kreye of Minneapolis with a sex tape.

In May, Kreye wad found dead in a park with a note inside his vehicle that said, "I am being extorted over $500,000. Best for my family and friends."

Officers have already charged Eugene Pouncil and Christina Lynn Artac with two counts of coercion. The first count is the threat the inflict bodily harm and the second is the threat to expose a secret or disgrace.

Pouncil is accused of telling Kreye he had a sex tape of Kreye and prostitute Shannon Blair Spears Gura.

Reports say Pouncil and Artac ran a Shakopee, Minn., escort business called High Five Erectors.

Gura is also being charged with two counts of coercion and being held on a $25,000 bond.

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