Domestic dispute turns deadly

MONTGOMERY AL, (WSFA) - A woman is dead after a domestic dispute with her husband turned fatal, making this Montgomery's 13th murder of the year.

Family members of the victim say 32 year old Leona Young's husband had a history of violence toward her and her children. Relatives also say that Will Young, age 54, had been making threats of killing his wife since last week.

The violence turned deadly after an argument between the couple last night around 9pm, that's when the sister of the victim, Marie Jones, walked outside to find Young with a gun shoot wound to the back of her head.

"I came out here and she was laying out there on the ground in the same spot right there, Just laying there... And you know... He shot her in the back of the head... And it was just the way he did it, and it was all because she didn't want to be with him no more. This man just needs to be exactly where he is. If he ever gets out... I just pray for him if he ever gets out," said Jones.

Willie Young is at the Montgomery County Jail, and has been charged with his wife's murder.

Jones added that her sister, Mrs. Young, was a soon to be grandmother.

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