Hubbert on Election Night Successes

The head of the Alabama Education Association and Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party in Alabama says one of Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Bentley's campaign promises may have been the key to putting him into a second place finish.

Paul Hubbert presented the findings of the group's most recent political survey to members of the Montgomery County Democratic Party Monday night. He says Bentley and Democrat nominee Ron Sparks both came up with popular platforms.

Dr. Hubbert said, "I think Bentley's statement about not taking a salary.... I heard that often." Hubbert continued, "I heard people talking about Ron sparks is going to let us vote on gaming. I think those two ideas caught hold with the voters."

Hubbert says the lottery issue was enough to entice even African American voters to vote for Sparks, who is white. Sparks' opponent, Artur Davis, who is African American, lost momentum when he failed to get the endorsement of black political groups because he refused to show up for their screenings.  Sparks overwhelmed Davis with more than 60% of the Democrat vote.