Lake rentals spike from beach cancellations

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

DADEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - "All our waterfront homes are gone," says Donna Cooper with Lakefront Property Management in Dadeville.

"It started at 9:15 and it's just now got quiet."

She says beachgoers have been calling non-stop.

"A lot of people call and they're changing all their reservations from the gulf because of everything that's going on, they want to know what we have."

Cooper rents property on Lake Martin.

In just one day, the number of bookings at her realty office nearly tripled--a sign beach bound travelers are re-thinking their vacation destinations.

"We were just inundated the first three days with phone calls and emails," says Don Torelli.

Torelli works in the same office and says the calls started coming in right after the oil spill began.

He believes Lake Martin is prepared to handle the rush.

"It can. It has the facilities here. But can it make up for the numbers...all the numbers?  No. Not at all."

Torelli empathizes with folks on the coast after a long dry spell three years ago.

"We lost most of our summer because of the drought, so we know what it's like to have to live with total insufficient income to make it."

He says while the business is good for him, the reason why isn't.

"This is not the way we'd want it to happen. We would rather that all of Alabama was doing better and people out there would want to come to Alabama because of how much our state has to offer."

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