Runoff No Longer Needed in State Senate District 30 Race

This is a news release.

Boles withdraws from GOP run-off, endorses Taylor as Republican nominee for State Senate District 30
PRATTVILLE - Bryan Taylor today received the concession and endorsement of fellow Republican primary candidate Ray Boles, ending the possibility of a runoff and setting the general election between Republican Bryan Taylor and incumbent Democrat Wendell Mitchell for the State Senate seat from District 30.
Bryan Taylor came just 130 votes short of winning the primary outright, earning more than 49 percent of the vote in last Tuesday's Republican primary election. Boles, the second-highest vote winner, said after thinking about his options for a week, he has decided to drop out of the race and get behind Taylor instead of forcing a costly, lengthy and unnecessary runoff election. 
"I've thought and prayed about this decision over the last week and I believe the best thing I can do is get behind Bryan and get him one step closer toward victory in November," said Boles. "I'm proud of the race we ran. I'm most proud that we all kept it clean and avoided negative campaigning. I want to thank Bryan and Ken for that."
Boles said the goals of all the Republican candidates would best be achieved with Bryan Taylor on the ticket in November.
"I got into this race for one reason: We need to elect someone to the State Senate who will look out for the people and not the politicians.  I've gotten to know Bryan pretty well over the last six weeks, and I can tell you that's why he's running too. The people of District 30 deserve their vote back, and I'm supporting Bryan Taylor so we can finally win it back once and for all."

Taylor thanked Boles for his gracious concession and endorsement, saying, "When Republicans come together, Republicans win."
"I want to thank Ray for putting principles before politics and graciously endorsing our campaign today," Taylor said. "We had a historic turnout in the Republican primary for this Senate seat, and now today Republicans are coming together in a united front to say, 'We've had enough. This is the year we are going to take our government back for the people.'
"Today begins the race to bring conservative leadership to the Senate for a change. And we know this: We'll never change the Legislature until we change who we send to the Legislature.
"With the primary behind us and Republicans united, we're ready to take our message of proven, honest, conservative leadership across the district and across the finish line in November. We have 147 days until the November election, I'm going to work hard to spend every one of them encouraging the people of this district to stand with us, because together, we can and we will take our government back."
Taylor also reached out to Boles' and Barnett's supporters, asking them to support his campaign.  "I humbly ask for your support.  I know why you got involved, I know how you feel, and I want you to know that we stand for the same conservative principles -- cutting wasteful spending, cutting taxes, and open, honest, accountable government. 
"I will not rest and I will not falter in standing up and fighting for the principles we believe in.  If you will lend me your support, with the same passion and energy with which you supported Ken and Ray, nothing can stop us from making 2010 the year that honest, conservative leadership finally takes charge in Montgomery and hands the State House back to the people of Alabama."