Governor Riley thanks president after significant increase in boom

The following is a news release from the Governor's office.

MONTGOMERY – After meeting with President Obama and National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen over the weekend to personally voice his frustration over the removal of boom from Alabama, Governor Bob Riley on Tuesday said there has been a significant increase in the amount of boom in Alabama – and that even more is headed to the state.

"I want to thank the President for his personal intervention with the Coast Guard," said Governor Riley.  "Boom that was deployed here in Alabama should never have been taken from us in the first place.  The gulf states are all in this together.  No one state is more important than the other.  We all have precious coastlines and sensitive environmental areas that need protection.  That's the frustration I expressed to President Obama and repeatedly voiced to the Coast Guard, and I'm glad the President intervened."

On June 3, the day before Governor Riley met with President Obama and other governors in Louisiana, Alabama had 329,100 feet of boom deployed.  That was enough to meet only 83 percent of Alabama's contingency plan for protecting the coast.

As of today, Alabama has 436,900 feet of boom deployed – enough to meet 157 percent of Alabama's plan.

In addition, Governor Riley said the Coast Guard has agreed to increase the amount of boom in Alabama by an additional 235,000 feet to help build a redundant system around sensitive estuaries.