Tim James releases statement after recount request

MONTGOMERY, AL - Tim James, Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama, released the following statement Monday afternoon:

One week ago, the people of Alabama voted in the Republican Primary. The result was a virtual tie between Dr. Robert Bentley and me for second place.

Today, provisional votes were counted in all 67 counties. We narrowed the margin by 40 votes. Now, according to Alabama State Republican Party totals, there are 167 votes separating Dr. Bentley and me.

The vote margin remains razor thin. Because of this, I have decided to move forward with a recount of the Republican gubernatorial primary vote.

This process moves forward. Our first objective is to notify Republican Party officials in the counties that we plan to recount the vote.

It is our plan to move as soon as possible in this recount so that whoever comes out on top, be it Dr. Bentley or myself, will have plenty of time to campaign in the run-off, which will be held July 13.

Let me be very clear: I do not want to win this race unless I have won this race. It is not our objective to invent votes but to make sure there is an accurate count of votes cast.

We will keep you advised with each step in this process, as we have so far. These are uncharted waters for all of us, as there has never been a vote this close in a Republican gubernatorial primary.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to get out the word on protecting the provisional and absentee ballots. So far, so good has been our experience in working with everyone involved, including my good friend, Dr. Bentley.


The Alabama Republican Party has received the final vote total, including provisional ballots, from all 67 counties for the Governor's race in the Primary Election. The Party will certify the votes with the Secretary of State on Friday. Should a recount in the Governor's race be requested, the Party will leave open the possibility of amending these results based on the outcome of that recount. The unofficial final vote totals, including provisional ballots, from the Primary Election for Governor are as follows:

Bradley Byrne: 137,448 votes, 27.89%

Robert Bentley: 123,959 votes, 25.15%

Tim James: 123,792 votes, 25.12%

Roy Moore: 95,157 votes

Bill Johnson: 8,362 votes

Charles Taylor: 2,622 votes

James Potts: 1,549 votes

Rep. Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn), Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, released the following on the process moving forward:

"The Alabama Republican Party will proceed with the certification of the vote totals for all Primary races to the Secretary of State by Friday at noon, as required by law. The Party respects the decision of any candidate to request a recount to ensure every vote has indeed been counted, and counted correctly. Should a recount be requested, the Party will follow the guidelines set forth by the Secretary of State and in accordance with Alabama law. We will work through the process in an orderly and lawful manner. Once our gubernatorial nominee is selected by the voters on July 13, we look forward to working closely with the campaign to ensure victory in November."


Secretary of State Beth Chapman received an Attorney General's Opinion confirming that the guidelines she and her staff set forth last week for addressing an unprecedented primary election were accurate based on Alabama's election law.

Last week Chapman released guidelines regarding the counting of provisional ballots and addressing the possibility of a recount in the Republican Primary and who would pay for it.

"I have said all along that the taxpayer's of Alabama should not have to foot the bill for a primary recount," Chapman said. "Today the Attorney General's Opinion confirmed that we are providing sound and accurate guidance in the best possible way in this unprecedented and historic election."

Chapman says she requested the Attorney General's Opinion to "ensure that everyone involved would realize that fair and honest elections will be conducted in Alabama based on the letter of law even in unprecedented occurrences such as the most recent election."

A letter from Alabama GOP Chair Rep. Mike Hubbard (R-Alabama) stated " We have said from the outset of this situation that we fully intend to follow the Secretary of State's guidelines that were set forth in accordance with Alabama Law. The Attorney General's Opinion supports Secretary Chapman's interpretation of the law relating to the recount process in a Primary Election, and the Party will abide by this decision. It should be clear that the Party will not deviate from the legal protocol that governs a Primary Election recount."