Big Change In Republican Primary Race For State Senate District Seat 30

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A change of heart for republican challenger Ray Boles.

"For the good of the party and for the people of district 30 I am handing over the run-off race to Bryan Taylor," said challenger Ray Boles.

Bryan Taylor was just 130  votes shy of winning the primary outright on June 3rd but with Boles' concession, Taylor will now face Senator Wendell Mitchell, an incumbent, loaded with 26 years in the Alabama senate.

"Today begins the real race. It's time to send somebody new," said Taylor.

Ken Barnett came in third in the Republican primary and is now endorsing Taylor.

"We need to disconnect Wendell Mitchell from the Senate and the AEA," said Barnett.

"It doesn't matter to me who my opponent is," said Senator Mitchell.

Mitchell is fully aware part of the campaign will pit experience versus new blood.

"We have 25% of the senate changing over so we need experience back there," said Senator Mitchell.

While Bryan Taylor says he will not make Mitchell's health an issue in the campaign, Mitchell has no illusion to believe voters won't take that into consideration.

Mr. Mitchell says his leukemia is in full remission and is ready for another political campaign fight.

"I am doing remarkable well according to my doctors. I am in full remission and by mid-summer I should be back to full strength," said Mitchell.

A veteran, a newcomer going head to head to claim the top prize in senate district seat 30 in November.

Senator Mitchell is wrapping up his 7th term and has won his elections by an average of 68% over 26 years.

Bryan Taylor once worked as Governor Bob Riley's policy director.

Ray Boles is a Prattville city councilman.

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