Bentley camp claims 2nd place, moves toward runoff

MONTGOMERY, AL - The Alabama Republican Party on Tuesday released final results indicating Dr. Robert Bentley won the primary by 167 votes lead over Tim James in the race for Alabama Governor. With all the provisional votes in, and every ballot counted, Dr. Robert Bentley has clinched a place in the July 13th Republican run-off.

"Now that every vote has been counted, I am honored to declare victory and move forward with the run-off campaign," Bentley said. "I congratulate Tim James for waging a hard fought campaign, but am ready to debate the key challenges facing Alabama with my run-off opponent."

"I look forward to reaching out to the supporters of my primary opponents, earning each of their votes, and communicating my vision of where I want to lead this great state of ours," Bentley said.  "Alabama is hurting, and I intend to remedy that with job creating policies of less government and lower taxes."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Robert Bentley campaign