James to petition for recount

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Republican recount in Alabama's race for Governor is now guaranteed.

Late Tuesday afternoon, during a news conference live on WSFA 12 News, Tim James outlined why he feels it's needed.

The announcement comes on the same day provisional ballots were counted statewide.

The GOP's new tallies show Dr. Robert Bentley still holding onto 2nd place by 167 votes. James wants the votes counted again.

"We're close less than 1/32 of one percent. It is absolutely razor thin," James said.

Third place--for now--James is betting his money on a recount, literally.

James hopes to use volunteers and about $200,000 to tally the votes in at least 40 counties.

"We're going to choose our counties. We're going to start at the highest GOP counties and work our way down," James explained.

The move comes after the count of 1,790 provisional ballots.

Bentley is already looking ahead, saying in a statement,

"Now that every vote has been counted, I am honored to declare victory and move forward with the run-off campaign. [. . .] "I congratulate Tim James for waging a hard fought campaign, but am ready to debate the key challenges facing Alabama with my run-off opponent."

As the candidates--and the party--prepare for July 13th, James says he's determined to make sure every vote counts.

"Every voter, whether they were Dr. Bentley's voters or my voters or Bradley's voters, or Judge Moore's, they must know it is right.  And this is the only way that you get there," James said.

What's next?

The state republican party must certify the ballots by Friday at noon.  After that, Secretary of State Beth Chapman will receive the ballots and make her own certification before June 17th.

Meanwhile, the James campaign will contact party leaders in at least 40 counties. The campaign will petition and pay for the recounts and hope they'll make a difference.

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