Hayneville water problems continue as residents see brown water.

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HAYNEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - "Poop brown," says Otis Pittman.

That's how him and other members of his household described the water running from their faucets.

"A couple days ago as we got ready to go, we turned the water on and it was cloudy and dark brown," says Pittman.

One of the children took a sip of the tainted water without knowing it was brown.

"I was kinda disgusted."

But they weren't the only ones seeing the dirty drips.

According to Hayneville water officials, many of the residents on Green Lake Road had the same problem. Luckily, they say only that area experienced the discolored water.

"This would be the second day," says Pittman.

Water officials say they repaired a well and added it back to the water line Friday. When they did, sediment that had collected in the pipe then mixed with the water.  This isn't the first time these residents have had problems with a pump. The whole town was out of water for a few days when a pump broke last fall.  It's a string of problems water authorities say is largely due to old pipes and pumps.

But the Pittmans are prepared.

"We usually try to keep a pitcher of water full for such an occasion," says Otis.

And fortunately they're starting to get some relief as water crews flush the lines around their home hoping the discolored water flows down the drain for good.

Authorities say the water isn't the problem.  It's the well itself.

That's why they're hoping to get a grant that would help pay the nearly $800,000 dollars needed to build a new one.

Officials believe the problem should be fixed by now.

But if you're still seeing brown water, you can call the Hayneville water department, 24 hours a day at 201-5866.

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