Alabama farmer could hold key to solving Gulf shrimp shortage

David Teichert-Coddington
David Teichert-Coddington

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BOLIGEE, AL (WSFA) - Two hundred miles from the Alabama Gulf Coast, down a dirt road off U.S. Highway 43 in Greene County is what many would call a potential gold mine.

It's Greene Prairie Aquafarm, specializing in sweet organic shrimp that look and taste a lot like the ones caught off the coast.

"We were struck at the possibility."  Owner - operator David Teichert-Coddington had plans of expanding before the oil rig exploded. Now, he's looking to increase his net by harvesting year round.

"If we expanded, it would probably be in that way, we are playing around with a few ideas now."

Of all the shrimp in fifty plus ponds, only 55% survive.  Right now, most all of the supply has already been sold - which may not help the demand on the Gulf.

"If I had a huge demand from the Gulf, we couldn't satisfy that demand.  We only do what we can to keep the quality, that's why we don't use any chemicals."

That's why Greene Prairie's largest market isn't the steady flow of drive up business.  It's actually on the East Coast where organic food is king.

"We know what we feed our shrimp. We don't pack our shrimp in chemicals.  They are 100% organic."

Packing in potential for restaurants and distributors - trying to keep the Gulf's seafood supply afloat.

You can purchase the Greene Prairie shrimp at the Montgomery Curb Market on June 19th.  Whole Foods, Western Markets and several Piggly Wiggly's stock the product.

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