Montgomery, Autauga and Elmore's Recounts Next Week

New details emerging on how the Republican recount in the race for Governor will be conducted in the coming days. WSFA 12 News has confirmed, Montgomery county is ready for the recount but it won't happen until next week. That's because the county has to wait for the necessary software to arrive.

The room where the recount will take place is all set up with five tables that have signs over them like Recount Team One. Elections Director Trey Granger explains "We will have five team captains." And, those five team captains, he says, will represent the precincts in the five county commission districts. Then he points to a cart located in the middle of the room. "This cart will have all the voted ballots on it. From the sheriff's office? From the sheriff's office."

Just like the provisional ballots, the regular ones will be carted in for poll workers to sort. Granger explains what happens next. "Then, once they sort out the democratic and republican ballots, we'll put the democrats back in the box." That's because the democrats won't be needed here.

Then Granger moves over to the machines to explain the final step. "Then, we will print out a results tape. And, there is a results tape that comes out here and there will be a paper tape which will show the votes cast at that particular precinct."

And, it's the candidate who must pay for all of this. It's estimated it won't cost as much in Montgomery county because Granger says the county owns its machines and there's another cost cutting measure. "We think it will cost less than $2,000.00. Why? Because we've contacted 15 polling officials and every one of them said 'I will volunteer my time.'"

Granger also says he expects the vote totals will be different from the first count. "If there are different results that impact the outcome of an election that then becomes the grounds for an election contest." In other words, if Tim James comes out ahead of Robert Bentley it could end up in court which is what republicans, like State Republican Executive Committee member Betty Fine Collins, don't want."Of course, I don't want anything to happen after the recount regardless of which side it is because again going back to the democrats and the Graddick Baxley episode, it would be very harmful I think to our efforts to elect a republican governor."

In Autauga county the probate judge there expects the recount will cost about $5,000.00. The county is not planning to use volunteers and it has to rent the machines. Elmore county hasn't come up with an estimated cost yet but it also has to rent the machines. Jefferson county, the largest county in the state, plans to hold its recount on Thursday at an estimated cost of between $40,000 and $45,000.