Tim James now requesting a recount in all Alabama counties

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tim James is now requesting a recount in all 67 counties.

Spokesman Brett Hall says they learned tonight that the James' camp could afford to do all counties because the price to do so was coming in under their budgeted figure.

They will add 27 counties to the 40 they have requested already by Noon tomorrow. There are 67 counties in Alabama.

The party's tally from the primary June 1 shows James 167 votes behind second-place finisher Robert Bentley.

Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard stated earlier that it may be the middle of next week before a recount is completed because election equipment has to be returned to some counties to recount the ballots.

No word yet on how long it will take to recount all 67 Alabama counties.

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