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Georgiana, AL (WSFA) -  He's a country music legend, and he grew up in our backyard.   Hank Williams spent a good chunk of his childhood just south of Greenville in Georgiana.   And you can learn all about the country music legend, his old home is now a museum.    "He was a very unique person and a talented person," said museum hostess Leona Simmons.

Simmons should know.  She's worked at the museum for 16 years and heard just about every Hank story you could think of.     "His mother put him in a shape  notes singing class at the age of six.   He did take some piano lessons, but I was told he did not like the piano.    And he learned to play the guitar on this porch here."    On the front porch of an old Georgiana home, a man from Greenville nicknamed Teatot taught Hank how to play.   And the rest is music history.

Folks come from all over the world to check out the museum.   "Last year, even with the tough economy, we had 5 thousand paying customers come through," said Georgiana mayor Mike Middleton.    "We have people from every state in the union and 16 foreign countries."

On the day we visited, a man from Kentucky just had to stop by on his way home from the beach.    "My mom is a big Hank Jr. and Hank fan so I had to check it out," said Chris Clark.

Inside you'll hear the sounds of Hank Sr. and walls filled with pictures tell his life story.  There are plenty of shots with his little boy Hank Jr.     And museum workers say the two did have at least one thing in common.   "Junior is a redneck, and Hank was a redneck," Simmons said.

Hank Williams died at the age of 29, but his music and life story live on forever at his childhood home in Georgiana.    The Hank Williams Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 to 4 in Georgiana.

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