Alabama Black Belt Adventures Promotes 'Black Belt'

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Now more than ever organizers of Alabama Black Belt Adventures believe the 23-county area known as the 'Black Belt' has the potential to become a hunting and fishing mecca for those who love the outdoors.

The area gets its name from the black, rich soil that's found from Georgia through Montgomery and to the Mississippi line.

For the first time since the campaign kicked off a little less than a year ago, Black Belt Adventures gave the local media a preview of at least one commercial that will begin airing on 46 stations in more than 30 markets across the country after July 14.

The TV spots feature BASS founder Ray Scott and Buckmaster founder Jackie Bushman.

"We're gearing up for the fall season," said Project Manager Pam Swanner.

When the concept was announced late last summer, Tom Harris said they had around 12 lodges. Today?

"We have around 50 who have partnered with us," said Harris who came up with the vision of starting Black Belt Adventures.

The idea is to cash in on what is typically a 9-billion dollar tourism industry. The potential for black gold in the black belt in terms of fishing and hunting.

As a group hunters spend around $1.4 billion a year in Alabama.

The commercials cost around $25,000 to produce, and they're aimed at getting some of those 18 million hunters and fishermen across the country.

Alabama lawmakers provided the seed money of more than $500,000  to start Black Belt Adventures.

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