Montgomery waitress saves elderly man's life

94-year old Richard Brooks with his daughter, Montgomery Co. District Attorney Ellen Brooks
94-year old Richard Brooks with his daughter, Montgomery Co. District Attorney Ellen Brooks

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The place was Dreamland Bar-B-Que in downtown Montgomery. The location? The table in the back. Sitting there were 94-year old Richard Brooks and family friend Johnny Davis.

"I couldn't breathe," said Brooks.

"He turned blue. His eyes rolled back and quivered," said Davis.

That's when waitress Barbara Rose who just happened to be Richard Brooks' waitress that day stepped in and served up a life-serving move.

"I didn't the Heimlich Maneuver. It started to come up and he sat down and started to choke again," said Rose.

"I picked him up and she grabbed him," Davis said.

"I did it again and it was all over," Rose said.

Not only is Richard Brooks grateful to be alive but so is his daughter Ellen Brooks who is the District Attorney for Montgomery County.

"God is good. God will call all of us home when it's time. It wasn't his time," said Brooks.

One interesting note about the 'time' this happened. It was election day, June 1. Mr. Books ended up living that day while Ellen ended up winning her primary by more than 84% of the vote.

"If they had not done what they did, he would have never seen me get re-elected," said Ellen Brooks.

In a matter of seconds, Barbara Rose went from serving meals to saving a life. There is little doubt her training came in handy.

"I worked with the handicap in Elmore County and I just never forget it. I'm proud I was able to do that. Nobody else was moving so I had to step in," said Rose.

"As a lawyer I see people suing each other over stupid stuff. They just did what needed to be done," said Brooks.

Johnny Davis and Richard Brooks say they plan to lunch again at Dreamland even though they had quite a scare.

"Oh, yes (laughter). Next time I'll make sure the meat is chopped up real fine," said Davis.

By the time paramedics got on the scene, Mr. Brooks was doing okay but they still checked his blood pressure and heart.

Today, Richard Brooks is a little sore around his ribs yet he knows that's a small price to pay to be able to live and talk about it, thanks to Johnny Davis and Barbara Rose.

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