Ala. recount: Minor change headed to Friday tally

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Time is running out for Tim James with few votes left to recount from the Republican gubernatorial primary and James still trailing second-place finisher Robert Bentley.

More than two-thirds of the votes from the June 1 primary have been recounted. Unofficial tallies by both campaigns on Wednesday showed James still in third place. James put up about $200,000 for the recount after trailing Bentley by 167 votes. Both Bentley and Byrne expect the recount to be completed Friday. Walker County is typical of the counties seeing little change. County Republican Chairwoman Linda Ensor said Bradley Byrne and Bentley each lost one vote from the initial count and Roy Moore picked up two. James' vote total didn't change. In Tuscaloosa County, Chairman Jim Zeanah said Bentley, Byrne, James and Moore each got one additional vote.

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