Editorial: Oil Disaster

Calling what is happening in the Gulf an oil spill does a disservice to the word spill.

It is a disaster of epic proportions – ecologically, economically and emotionally.

The regulatory failure and industry recklessness that caused the Wall Street, housing and banking mess has struck again.

There is plenty of blame to go around but what is needed now is focused, urgent attention to a cleanup that utilizes all options, including international resources that may be better.

New safety measures need to be implemented now and need to be followed so no more lives are lost in explosions and moratoriums on drilling that further crush livelihoods end.

Investments in cutting-edge technologies like microbes that eat oil need to be made to give us more options than shoreline boom.

BP's CEO may want his life back but the folks in our region are literally fighting for their livelihoods and need more results and less talk.