Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Presents "Objects of Wonder"

Posted by: Alisha Clark

MONTGOMERY AL, (WSFA) – The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to present a remarkable selection of still-life paintings, sculptures, photographs, and objects d'art from the collection of the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Objects of Wonder:  Four Centuries of Still Life from the Norton Museum of Art" is organized by the Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida. The exhibition includes paintings by Pablo Picasso and Georgia O'Keeffe, photographs by Edward Weston and Robert Mapplethorpe, and still-life compositions by other stars of the 20th-century art world.

There are also paintings by notable 19th-century European and American painters such as Gustave Courbet and William M. Harnett.  Paintings and sculpture by 18th-century Chinese artists and 17th-century Dutch, Flemish, and Spanish masters are also included.

Since antiquity, artists have depicted fruit and flowers, dead fish and fowl, meats and vegetables, and sometimes skulls and bones in small-scale images that are usually set in domestic interiors.

Some artists presented their still-life subjects in such a realistic manner that viewers are tricked into believing they are seeing the actual object rather than a representation of the object.

The exhibition is sponsored locally by the Aaron Aronov Family Foundation, Laura and Barrie Harmon, Jackson Thornton & Co., Michelle and Daniel Hughes, and The James W. Wilson, Jr. and Wynona W. Wilson Family Foundation.