Horsin' Around

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Butler County, AL (WSFA) - Don't tell the Tilley family in Butler County that bigger is better.  In fact they'd argue just the opposite.    They raise miniature horses.   "They're more like dogs than horses," said mini horse breeder Joe Tilley.

It all started more than 20 years ago when Joe's granddaughter wanted on.  "Next thing I know I have 50.  I raised quarter horses before the minis, the minis are not as much of a hassle and don't eat as much."  "I'm afraid of big horses so I was skeptical of these until we got them," said Jewell Tilley.   "They have a good personality and love to be loved."

So where'd they come from?   Joe Explains:  "They are a true breed of horses.   The kings and queens in England used them as pets in the early 1900's.   When they were brought here they worked in the coal mines.  They are strong."

There are some things you should know.  To be a mini you have to be smaller than 36 inches.  Some people can ride them, but its basically for  small kids.    The Tilley's love every minute of raising these mini horses, the toughest part is when it's time to say goodbye.   "I've shed many a tear when they leave," said Jewell Tilley.   If you'd like for one to leave with you, call the Tilley's at J and J Miniature Horses:  (334) 382-3887.

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