Sec. of State: Not surprised by recount results

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Secretary of State Beth Chapman said she was pleased, but not at all surprised, to hear that last week's recount from the unprecedented Republican gubernatorial primary election resulted in virtually no change in the original vote count from June 1.

"It's good to know the democratic process is still safe and secure in Alabama," Chapman said. "Every legally qualified vote in the Republican primary election for governor was counted.  Then they were recounted, proving the system was sound and accurate from the start."

"This unprecedented situation was properly managed and is solid confirmation that the integrity of the ballot box is still intact in Alabama," Chapman continued.

According to Chapman, the voting machines used in Alabama are 99.9% accurate and all of them must count 10 million marked ballots without a single error in order to be certified for use in an election.

"I am grateful to the Republican Party and the election officials in all 67 counties for the excellent job they did with the recount," Chapman said.  "It is reassuring that the numbers show two clear first and second place winners once again and we can now move forward with the runoff election to be held on July 13th."

Chapman said she certified the ballots on June 11th and because of the timely certification the run-off ballots will be printed and sent to absentee voters without any undue delay.

Information Source: Secretary of State's office