Army destroys chemical weapons in Alabama

ANNISTON, Ala. (AP) — The Army says more than 1,000 mustard agent-filled munitions were destroyed at the Anniston Army Depot incinerator last week, taking the destruction of the chemical weapons stockpile past the 75 percent mark.

Army spokesman Mike Abrams said he expects the incinerator to complete the destruction of the stockpile by the government's deadline of April 2012.

After the federal government prohibited the production of chemical weapons and mandated their destruction in 1997, the depot secured approval for the installation of a factory where the weapons could be incinerated.

The Army says that since the incinerator fired up in 2003, more than 500,600 nerve agent and mustard agent-filled rockets, landmines, artillery shells and mortars have been safely destroyed.


Information from: The Anniston Star,

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