Felony escape charge dropped against WSFA 12 News reporter

Eileen Jones
Eileen Jones

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - An update concerning the arrest of WSFA 12 News Reporter Eileen Jones.

According to the Montgomery County District Attorney's office, the 3rd Degree felony escape charge and a 3rd degree misdemeanor assault charge against Ms. Jones have been dropped.

However, city officials tell WSFA 12 News, the city plans to move forward with a misdemeanor assault charge against Jones.

Last Thursday, she was stopped by Montgomery Police while trying to gain access to the Hyundai Boulevard fuel spill for a live report.

Police say Jones tried to drive forward and ran over part of the officer's foot, severely spraining it.

Jones tells WSFA 12 News she is not guilty and says she did not run over the officer's foot.

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