Rep. Bright reacts to Gen. McChrystal dismissal

Congressman Bobby Bright (D)
Congressman Bobby Bright (D)

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alabama Congressman Bobby Bright (D) is reacting to President Obama's decision to change generals in the Afghanistan war after the commanding general, General Stanley McChrystal was quoted using disparaging remarks against the Obama administration.

Here's what Rep. Bright had to say:

"The President was forced to make a very difficult decision in accepting the resignation of a general with a long and distinguished military career.  Though the decision was doubtless a hard one, I believe he had no choice but to accept General McChrystal's resignation.  General McChrystal's comments were inappropriate and showed a serious lack of judgment, which he himself acknowledged.

"However, I think the President made the best of a bad situation by appointing General Petraeus to command our forces in Afghanistan.  General Petraeus's track record In Iraq and later as head of U.S. Central Command is impeccable.  The relatively stable situation in Iraq is due in no small part to his leadership and implementation of a successful winning strategy.

"Given the recent setbacks in Afghanistan, a fresh perspective from a proven commander could be a positive development.  I hope General Petraeus uses this opportunity to examine the strategy supported and implemented by General McChrystal and to make an assessment of our long-term involvement in Afghanistan.  I have extreme confidence in his abilities as a commander, and I have the utmost faith in our soldiers to perform bravely under any circumstance.  In order to win the war, however, we must provide them with a winning strategy.  I look forward to hearing from General Petraeus in the near future about his plan to win the war in Afghanistan."

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