North Ala. economic woes continue as Boeing mulls further layoffs

The president's cuts to the space program mean hundreds of space-related jobs are in jeopardy. Major contracting companies are taking a closer look at their budgets, and many employees have already lost their jobs.

Boeing is one company that had a recent round of layoffs. They let go of about 180 employees earlier this month because of  budget cuts within the company.

Those cuts come as a result of the president's 2011 budget plan, which cancels work on the Constellation program, and according to local vice president, Tony Jones, more layoffs could happen.

"What congress does, we'll wait and see. If you're a program manager, you have to look to see what the work you have on-hand is, what the funding level is, and you have to perform to that funding level. If the checkbook's empty, it's hard," said Jones.

Other local contracting companies are also letting go of employees because of budget reductions.

We're told about 700-to-800 space jobs could be cut soon.

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