Pick Up Truck Strikes 3-Year Old In Prattville

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It happened within a blink of an eye.

"You can see the tire marks," said Jeanne Smith who owns A.J. Carwash and Rentals near downtown Prattville.

Smith tells WSFA 12 News she heard the screams at first but didn't realize what had happened until she came outside and investigated.

"I came out to make sure everything was okay and I came from behind after I saw the child kind of huddled near his mother's car and I saw the abrasions," said Smith.

It turns out the little boy was with his mom in one carwash bay and unknowingly walked into the path of a slow-moving large pick up truck coming into the parking lot.

"The little boy got upset because he couldn't use the carwash and turned and collided with the truck," said Smith.

By now everyone knew what had happened. They called 911. Paramedics rushed the child to Baptist South in Montgomery and he was later airlifted to UAB in Birmingham.

Prattville Police say the child is in critical condition. Investigators declined to released the boy's name until all family members have been notified as to what happened.

"With a small child like that it's hard to see when he's below the hood," said Prattville Fire Deputy Chief Terry Brown.

Police say they don't anticipate any charges in the case because this appears to be more of an unfortunate accident than anything else.

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