Parents outraged over principal change

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Parents and students taking a stand.

"My reaction was I was mad. Because the question I have to ask is why," says LaQuinta Gordon.

Gordon is like many other parents--upset that Davis Elementary Principal Ozella Ford was moved to Wares Ferry Elementary.

"She moved the school from ground zero on up. Ya know, the test scores have jumped all the way up and everything," adds Gordon.

Parents say Ford was a good fit for the school--that she encouraged teachers and created a positive learning environment.

They believe the change may affect the children.

"A new principal is someone that they'd have to try to trust again," says Davis parent Timothy Bass.

"They're not going to move forward like they have.  They're going to back-track," adds Gordon.

School officials wouldn't comment specifically on the Davis change.

But Superintendent Barbara Thompson understands the frustration and is trying to see the bigger picture.

"I understand that people might not like to lose some of their people who are very good. And that's always the case. But we're going to try to create a system where we have outstanding principals in every school."

Some parents say they'll try to rally around the new principal - once he or she is named.

Others have a silent plan to get their voices heard.

"We have to take that up at a later date with some votes at the ballot box," says Bass.

Parents say they're hoping to make an appeal to the Superintendent.  They've already written letters.

The school board hasn't named a new principal for Davis Elementary yet.

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