Montgomery Zoo offers cool spots during hot summer

MONTGOMERY, AL - It's getting hotter and hotter, so what better way to cool down than with 10 tips from the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.

10.  Take a ride on the pedal boats at the Zoo Lake…

9.  Check out the many mister stations located throughout the Zoo and enjoy the cool, refreshing mist.

8.  Visit the Mann Museum.  Regardless of outside weather, it is always 72 degrees and clear inside! The aqua room makes you think you are diving deep in the ocean with all the fish.

7. Join the Montgomery Zoo Camp. During WATER DAY at ZOO CAMP, full-day campers enjoy fun, sun and LOTS OF COOL WATER on a HUGE, BIGGER THAN LIFE slip and slide.

6.  Take a refreshing ride on the train.  It is a great way to cool off, parents gets their second wind and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Zoo.

5. Have a seat.  Benches located throughout the Zoo and under HUGE SHADE TREES to boot.  Enjoy a break, cool down and venture forward for more Zoo fun and excitement.  Check out the bridge at the North American Black Bears!

4.  Soar to new heights.  The Zoo just installed new swings in the playground. They are surrounded by large trees, great shade and they generate some cool breezes. Parents join in on the FUN, or there are plenty of benches in the area for a rest.

3. Visit the Overlook Café.  The Overlook Café has a variety of cool treats and drinks for purchase.  From ice cream to ice cold lemonade, water and sodas.  Keep your body cool with lots of fluids.  DID SOMEONE SAY SNOW CONES!?!?!

2.  Pay a visit to the Gift Shop.  First it is nice and cool, plus they sell water guns. Reach for the sky!

1.  BRING A COOLER.  DRINK PLENTY OF LIQUIDS!  The Montgomery Zoo is a cooler-friendly environment. Bring refreshments from home: water, sodas, fruit drinks, cooling towels, apples, oranges, etc.

Don't let the warm days keep you trapped inside. Get out and enjoy your Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.  What a great way to spend the summer visiting with family and friends while enjoying the animals of our planet.