Burglaries cause local humane society to close its doors

TUSKGEE, AL. (WSFA) - The Macon County Humane Society is hanging on by a thread after several break-ins and an empty bank account.

Boxes are packed and the move-out has begun for workers at the Macon County Humane Society. Workers say they have no money to keep the facility going. With no cash and 3 burglaries within two weeks, they no longer feel safe.

Volunteer Karin Roth tells us that thousands of dollars were taken in food and supplies. "I just don't see another solution. We don't feel safe here. If it happened three times, I'm sure it will happen a fourth. The whole point of having an office is to have a central location where people can come and get help for their animals and animals in the community...as well as store our supplies. And if we can't do that then there's no point in having an office."

The thieves broke two windows to get inside the facility, which leaves the organization left to foot the bill of replacing them. Workers say burglars took more and more inventory each time. Stolen items include a computer, phone system, and more than 2,000 pounds of dog food and heartworm medication. The value of the stolen goods come to $10,000, a blow that's hard to take as the future of the Macon County Humane Society is up in the air.

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